Filter Pen V2 Plus

Filter Pen V2 Plus

Filter V2 - Bronze

Filter V2 - Bronze

Filter V2 - Black

EZ Filter Pen - Black [Version 2]

The new Cartridge Machine

One year warranty

Please do not open the pen machine by yourself ,if there are scratches on the machine, we will not offer the warranty.

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The EZ Filter V2 Pen is the new version to our poplular Filter Pen. The new Filter V2 Pen is available in six colors - Black, Red, Orange, Purple, Dark Gray, Bronze. with improved back cap, let it looks unique and nicely.

-Each of the machines are manual production, using the world's top motor, low noise, long-lasting stability.

-Space aluminum shell, unibody, lightweight.

-Perating Voltage: 7 – 12 V DC.

-Rpm range Stitches / Sec: 12V-8000rpm / min 8-800 / sec

-Power Input: 15 V Switch frequency: 55 – 165 Hz

-Needle Protrusion: 0 - 4.5 mm

-Length of the stroke: 3.5mm

-Connection:5.5 mm DC Jack plug.

-Propulsion: Precision DC motor.

-Operating Mode: Continuous operation.

-Dimensions: Diameter x Length: 27.7 x 116.5 mm

-Price include one pcs clip cord.

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