EZ Derm Defender 2-in-1 Film Non-Adherent Dressing Pads

EO Sterilized
Individually Packed
Two-in-one absorbent pad film dressing
Soft, Breathable & Comfortable
Easy application for both personal and professional use
Size: Dressing Size: 15 cm x 20 cm; Pad Size: 10 cm X 15 cm.
20 Pads/Box

Availability: In stock

EZ TATTOO Derm Defender Sterile Film Non-Adherent Dressing Pads are two-in-one tattoo aftercare coverings that use a non-adherent absorbent pad that is bonded with a sterile film dressing to provide an advanced bandage that protects protects the skin after fresh tattooing, allows for optimal breathable and flexible to keep the skin heal efficiently and naturally. The Film Dressing Pads consist of a special cellulose tissue and have an optimal absorption capacity. Wound fluids and color remains are absorbed by the pad without the tattoo drying out or sticking to the pad. Thus the optimal healing of the tattoo is supported. The Derm Defender 2-in-1 Film Non-Adherent Dressing Pad allows fresh tattoos to breathe optimally and heal without scabs.

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