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Dagger V2

Dagger V2



Filter Pen V2 Plus

Material: Aircraft aluminum
Connection: DC
Dimensions: 28(Diameter) x 116(Length) mm
Stroke Length: 3.8mm
Operating Voltage: 6V - 11V
Rpm: 9000 rpm
Needle Protrusion: 0 - 4,5 mm
Price included one pcs DC cord

As low as $119.00
Availability: In stock
The Filter rotary pen tattoo machine new generation V2 Plus came with the updated drive system to deliver class-leading performance. (And up to 3 times the power efficiency) It has been optimized to run even smoother, consistency and long-lasting. The extended 3.8mm stroke is a great addition to the color packing and blending. The Filter V2 Plus is available in four colors - Black, Gray, Red, Bronze, Camo.

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