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EZ ECO-Friendly Machine Bags

EZ ECO-Friendly Machine Bags

Cheyenne Hawk's Style Cartridges Finger Foam Grip

Cheyenne Hawk's Style Cartridges Finger Foam Grip

Portex Gen2 Battery Pack

Technical Specifications:
Output Voltage: 5V to 12V
Connection: RCA / DC
Net Weight: 2.3oz (65g)
Size: 62 X 34 X 50mm
USB Charging cable included.
Created and manufactured in China by EZ
60 day replacement warranty from date of purchase for non-functioning batteries only.

Notice : Transport time : 20-30 days

            This product is delivered separately

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Portex Generation 2(Gen2) is the update version of Portex tattoo battery power pack with green LED display. With the charging time of 2 hours, it can last up to 5 hours working time. depending on personal usage and the tattoo machine.


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