Musotoku Power Supply

Musotoku Power Supply

Portex Wireless Battery PEN

Portex Wireless Battery PEN

Portex Portable Power Supply

The Portex wireless battery tattoo power supply is a system designed for make easy tattooing without cords attached to the machine or pedal. Works with most rotary tattoo machines on the market.
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1. Portex is the portable rechargeable tattoo power supply consisting of LED-Digital Display. 

2. With the charging time of 3 hours, it can last up to 5 hours working time. 

3. Long press the ( + ) button to active the Portex and long press (-) to turn Portex off. 

4. The voltage could be adjusted thought button (+) and (-) respectively with the voltage of 0.1 V on each press.

5. When the battery is running low, the LED digit will start blinking to indicate you to recharge. 

6. The circling lines will be shown when the battery is being charged; It will show dash lines  ( - - - ) in the middle of LED Display when it is being fully charged.


Output Voltage : 4 V to 11 V

Capacity  : 1950mAh

Weight   : 50 g

Dimension : 34 x 33 x 39 mm

Connection: RCA or DC

USB Charging cable included. 

30 day replacement warranty from date of purchase for non-functioning batteries only

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