Disposable Arm Sleeve Covers 100pcs/pack - Blue

Disposable Arm Sleeve Covers 100pcs/pack - Blue

UV LED Sterilizing Box

LED quantity : 8pcs
Rated input :5V-1A
Input connector: Type-C USB
Waveigngth 260-280nm
size: 250*110*82 mm
Net weight :500g
Battery Nominal Capacity: 4000mAh
Executive Standard: GB19258-2003
time setting: 60s/90s
warranty :12months

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"UV LED Sterilizing box is a good choice for the healthier lives.
suitable for small PMU accessories.
Disinfecting Quickly and Safety,It is highly effective, killing 99.9% of all bacteria within 3 minutes.
When the box is opened, the power will be cut off immediately
types : wireless and classic. the wireless box can be use around one week for daliy use after charged .other situations according to frequency of use."

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